Easy debt consolidation loans to improve your cashflow

Easy debt consolidation loans for better repayment terms

It started with a small overdraft, then you needed to upgrade your vehicle. Perhaps you needed a holiday, or to borrow for an unexpected mechanical bill. Suddenly, you have 4 or 5 loans to different lenders and the interest rates and repayment terms are hurting your cashflow.

We help to find you a debt consolidation loan that reduces your weekly repayments and improve your interest rate.

Benefits of Choosing Magenta

At Magenta, we work with you to understand your situation, and if we can find a way to reduce your weekly repayments, and roll those debts into one repayment by tapping into our network of fantastic lenders, we will.​

How it works

We like to keep our Personal Loan Application as simple as possible.
To help secure you an easy debt consolidation loan here’s how we work:

Easy debt consolidation loans for freedom seekers

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